Friday, July 08, 2011


Listening to: Friction Baby - Better than Ezra (1996).

So after a wild night of squalls and rain, the weather cleared tonight to give us a beautiful sunset. Now you can't photograph every good sunset, and not all of them that look good to the eye necessarily look good to the camera, but the laws of irony will often dictate that when a great sunset occurs that is worth photographing, the proper camera won't be available.

So instead tonight's effort comes to you via my cellphone:

Taken at about ten past five on the grass outside my work office in Gracefield.

The front served up a doozy of a thunderstorm at about 1am this morning. Lots of reasonably close thunder and lightning, and for a brief period what sounded like unusually large hail. It was going 'clunk' as it hit the roof instead of the more usual 'tick-tick-tick'. I would have gone out to have a look but I had a great view of proceedings through the window above our bed and opted to stay comfy. The rain and hail were so noisy you could hear it approaching across neighbouring rooftops after lulls.

Good thunderstorms aren't a regular occurrence around here so I was quite enjoying this one, until a quiet whimpering from the room next door became audible. This was Charlotte's first proper thunderstorm, and she didn't appreciate being woken up by the combination of loud rain/hail, loud thunder, gale wind gusts and bright flashes in the sky. I remember feeling the same once upon a time, before I figured out that weather could be fun.

It was a reminder that for all the growing up we feel she is doing in a relative sense, she is after all still not quite 3 years old. She was calmed with a daddy cuddle and some quiet words of explanation/comfort, but couldn't quite remember who put her back to bed when asked about it this afternoon :)

Sophie on the other hand didn't stir at all. At 9 weeks old, it is interesting figuring out just what she will and won't sleep through. Charlotte is providing ample opportunities for experimentation in this regard...

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