Sunday, December 05, 2010

This is interesting

Verrry interesting.....

This platform/vehicle has kind of snuck under my radar a bit; I don't know as much about it as someone in my line of interests perhaps should. I wonder what they planning for it, remembering that a certain number of Space Shuttle missions also carried classified military payloads, and there hasn't been any white-world platforms with comparable abilities since the SR-71 was retired (black-world on the other hand is anyone's guess, depending largely on whether or not you believe things like the Aurora or Black Manta actually exist, or if they are smokescreens for something still secret). This thing as far as I can tell represents a generational change in space based surveillance capabilities, with much more flexibility and usefulness than traditional satellites. We may even find out a bit more about it in ten or twenty years depending on what it gets used for (it is a safe bet that this will have real airtight classification applied to it rather than anything Wikilieaks can get its hands on). Then again we may not. A lot of the SR-71 mission related stuff is still secret, and that platform has been retired since the mid 90's.

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