Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve

First I'm going to throw these at you because they are made of awesome.

I love this, because its from NZ, and all the kids sound like kids I know, and it is generally hilarious, in addition to being beautifully executed:

And this is just fun:

And finally a pic of our humble Christmas tree on a still summer evening.
It's plastic. I prefer the purpose farmed real ones because they have more presence and smell nice, and I grew up with them, but Fi is allergic to them so plastic it is. One year we hung a pine air freshener on it, but it wasn't the same.

So Happy Christmas wherever you are. Have a good one, and remember that while Jesus may technically be the reason for the season, the early Christians nicked the date from the Pagans, so don't feel too guilty about not going to church :)


Maureen said...

I kind of like that, saying Happy Christmas instead of Merry Christmas. It has a nice ring to it. And Christmas in summer, too! Love the tree. it's perfect. Happy Christmas!

Maureen said...

Oh, and the video is great too. I love their little accents.

Off-Black said...

Thankyou :) I started using 'Happy' instead of 'Merry' a while ago, and I am still not really sure why. Happy just seems more honest and less loaded maybe.