Friday, December 31, 2010

Here endeth the year

So as 2010 ends, the great thermometer of ish* on my back porch is showing a balmy 23 degrees in the shade, complemented by a sea breeze that is coming and going on a fine summers day.
* so named because I am not sure when, if ever, it was last calibrated.
So lasts for the year today. Last breakfast was at Shine Cafe with Fi and Charlotte in the Hutt (where they have a picture of my parents house on the wall we noted). Last ride of the year was a gentle amble along the riverbanks to get to the Cafe and back, on the way trying out the new cycling shoes which were my last major purchase of the year. Last meal of the year is looking to be at an untried Morrocan restaurant in town, followed by our last outing of the year with our co-mealers to see in the New Year in plans that are as yet unfixed, but will likely involve wandering around the waterfront, mingling with crowds, and having a good time.

Onward to 2011...

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R said...

Happy New Year dude! Looking forward to joining you in 2011 in around 6 hours time.