Sunday, October 31, 2010

Wednesday Night Fever

So after going hiking on Monday, and cycling to work and back on Tuesday and generally being a picture of good health, I wound up working a grand total of one day last week. I woke up on Wednesday morning with what felt like a head cold. That evening I was feeling very average and had a definite chill, but went out and played netball as usual (turning in one of my career worst performances), and headed off to model club as usual, which in hindsight was pretty dumb. Leaving club I was wobbling on my feet, shivering and achy and not at all well. After collapsing into bed the fever went from cold to hot. At one point I transmitted so much heat to my bed I had to make sure my electric blanket hadn't been accidentally switched on (it hadn't). The fever broke overnight, but left me with a head full of concrete and no energy. I curled up in the lounge and did watched music videos/dozed all day on Thursday. I curled up in the landing and read/dozed all day on Friday. The sinus to my left ear has only cleared today, which is good because the partial deafness it was generating (aggravated by living on a hill and making occasional trips up and down) was starting to get annoying.

I managed to get out and about a bit yesterday, but still have a lingering cough and clogged sinuses today combined with some useless lethargy. Stupid virus. I'm not sure it was a cold since it was different to most colds I have had, but not as bad as full on flu (which I have also had). And I don't know who I got it from or anyone else who has had it, so can't compare notes. No-one I know is ill right now, and Fi and Charlotte don't seem to have picked it up which is good.

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Not Kate said...

I think there's a virus with a headache going around the early childhood place my flatmate works at. She had two days off last week.