Friday, October 15, 2010

Epic Clutch Shooting

This, after 22 minutes of sudden death extra time on Thursday night trading shot for shot with our almost equally ice-cool opposition, produced the two goal break needed to win...

Thats effectively 25 minutes (if you include the end of regular time) of every shot being a clutch game rider shot. As a shooter by trade I am a bit wow in contemplation. More pictures here, and match report here. This is already being referred to by some as the greatest international netball match ever played, and I'm not really inclined to disagree. It was as fine a display of pressure shooting as you'll ever see, from both sides. Primo result for us to succesfully defend the Commonwealth gold title we grabbed from the Australians in Australia in 2006. Not so primo for the Australians, but thats sport. The two teams are so close together that anytime they meet it is anyone's game. This time we made it ours.

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