Monday, October 25, 2010

Bush Bash

Listening to: The complete Blam Blam Blam - Blam Blam Blam (technically 2003, but it is a compilation of two albums released in 1981 and 1982).

Not a true bush-bash (which I have found usually involve the absence of a trail and often the dark of night), but we celebrated our Labour Day off today by ambling about in the Rimutaka Forest Park for a few hours, heading out to the Orongorongo river and back. I like it out there. Its quiet, undeveloped other than the necessary, relatively unspoiled and just far away enough from civilisation to feel like you have gone somewhere.

Charlotte came along for the ride as well, literally, even managing a snooze along the way.

Turns out you can't teach a two-year old to skim stones. She is pretty adept at throwing them in the general direction of the water though.
Charlotte and I slogging up the old steep trail from the riverbed.
Along the way we found this simple and thoughtful memorial to someone who drowned in the river below in 1951. It isn't on the main trail anymore; you would have to know where it is to see it, which I like for some reason.
It was nice getting out and about in the bush for a day, something I haven't done for a while and should do more often.


Wildology said...

Hahahaha! I saw the title and thought...oh, a political post! This was MUCH better. Nice hike!

Maureen said...

love the pictures. what a beautiful place!

Off-Black said...