Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Who makes the best impromptu play-doh dinosaurs?

Listening to: Friendly Fires - Friendly Fires dual disc deluxe edition disc 2 (2009).

We do Beatches! Because we know shit about dinosaurs y'all!

Physical challenge at the pub quiz tonight: make the best Stegosaurus out of play-doh. My friend Di did the back plates and tail spikes and I did the body and legs. Since we are both down with our dinosaurs our little sauropod came together quickly with no muss and no fuss. About 5 inches long and ten minutes work.
Since it was the most awesome (and anatomically accurate, a point noted by at least one discerning judge) it won easily.

Prize was a box of chocolate treats. We only finished sixth out of 18 teams which considering it was only the two of us for half the quiz wasn't bad, although down from a previous 2nd place effort. The chocolate made us feel better about missing out on a placing even with a score of 80/105 (the winners got 97 or so).

So you see, knowing stuff = chocolate. Stay in school kids!


kiwilauren said...

Sam! I will be in New Zealand in 38 days, and pub quiz night is definitely on my list! Are you guys still going to the same place? Murphy's Law, was it? In Petone if I remember correctly.... anyway, those nights are still among my fondest memories of New Zealand, and I would love to build stegosauri (proper plural form?) with you or answer classical/jazz/orchestral music-related questions and then pretend that I actually contributed to a significant portion of our team's total points.

Sigh. I am so excited to see you guys again. :oD

Off-Black said...

We don't get to as many quizzes as we used to, and tend to be a bit nomadic these days. I have been to the Murphy's one fairly recently, but the Stegosaurus was done at 'The Green Man', a bar in the central city that wasn't there when you were here. We will definitely have to get out to a quiz or two while you are here!

Looking forward to it, see you soon :)

Maureen said...

Your dinosaur is definitely the most awesomest. Chocolate is also awesome.