Monday, May 24, 2010

Netball win

Thumping a team you have always had close and occasionally fractious games with (including one that was called off for excessive niggle) by 20+ points always feels good. Did that tonight with my new team. We got an early lead of a few points, but blew it out in the second half with a couple of big scoring quarters to post a 50+ final score.

Also nice was the Wellington Pulse finally picking up a win on the weekend, at the only game I have been to this season. I think they won because I was there. They had mojo when I was watching; when I got stuck in the queue for the bar for most of the third quarter they didn't and lost most of their lead. They only picked up again when I was back courtside. I may be their secret weapon.

Apart from highlighting where some of my windows need re-puttying, I am liking the rain tonight. It is falling more or less straight down since there isn't any wind, and it isn't too cold. It is perfect rain for a nice contemplative walk, but it is late and I am tired. That said, here seems to be the only place in the country that has avoided a heavy rain warning for the next day or two (link). The storm is passing around us it seems.


Jennifer Lynn said...

Niggle? Translation? What a word!

Off-Black said...

'Niggle', as in "there's a bit of niggle going on on the court/field" derives from the term 'Niggly' ("the game is getting a bit niggly"). I'm not sure if anyone else uses it or if it a strictly New Zealand colloquialism. You hear it most often round here on rugby commentary.

A niggly game is one where it is getting a little tense, there is maybe some extra provocative trashtalking, a few accidentally-on-purpose body checks, pushes, shoves or elbows, maybe a verbal confrontation or two, usually stopping short of a full-on fist fight. Often an indication of a team or players having a really bad over-competitive/unsportsmanlike attitude, or poor umpiring, or both.

Jennifer Lynn said...

I will insert it into my vocab:) Should get some GREAT reactions!

Off-Black said...

'Niggly' can also be used to describe any person, animal or thing with a bit of a bad temper, wilful un co-operativeness or general attitude. Closely related to 'stroppy' :)