Monday, May 17, 2010

Ghost Bridge

Listening to: Darkness on the edge of town - Bruce Springsteen (1978).

Continuing my predilection for abandoned objects, here is the bridge at Opiki near Palmerston North. Opened in 1918 and closed in 1969, spanning 150 metres it was New Zealand's longest suspension bridge while in use. Photographed at dusk on a still autumn evening a couple of weeks ago.

The deck was removed after the bridge was closed, and now the cables support nothing but themselves. Technically you could say it isn't really a suspension bridge anymore, there being now no suspension or bridge. I could say something atmospheric like how I could hear the now redundant cables clinking in the sunset breeze but I'd be lying. There wasn't any wind when I was there, and I suspect the cables are too heavy to be disturbed by anything less than a strong gust of wind.


Jennifer Lynn said...

That is SO crazy!! It looks like a land bridge:)

Off-Black said...

Just noticed I didn't mention anywhere it is a bridge over the Manawatu river. The bridge that replaced it is a few hundred metres downstream, and you drive past the old one to get to it.