Sunday, April 25, 2010

Vintage Aviation

Just some shots from The Vintage Aviator Ltd's airshow at Masterton yesterday. This was a neat little event, small and self contained, very informal, and showcasing an aviation era I haven't delved into so much historically. I've only latterly realised how photogenic they are. TVAL (link) was set up and is owned by Peter Jackson, who happens to be a historical aviation enthusiast as well a film director (he is also responsible for this amongst other things, and has a hand in this as well). The company specialises in restoring and manufacturing replica and reproduction aircraft of the 1914-18 period (replicas are only designed to externally resemble their subject; reproductions are built as closely as possible to the original plans and specifications. There is some excellent discussion of this on their site if you want to know more). Some of the aircraft in the pictures are only a few years old, despite their appearance.

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