Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Just a few random plane pics I have taken in the past week or two. Nothing too flash, I just like the way they came out. Enlarge by clicking.

Out at the airport practising with all the manual settings enabled. Dusk is a good time to shoot virtually anything. The light is softer, colours get a nice tint, and reflections start to show. I didn't notice the seagulls in the forground until I came to editing. I like how there is one kind of bird scrambling to get out of the way of another.
The RNZAF brought their Harvard to the WW1 show on the weekend. I liked how the sun was reflecting of the skin of the aircraft and the canopy, with the bright colours and reflections contrasting with the dark sky. Together with the pilots gear on the wing I thought it worked.
Same aircraft. This is a really good attitude for an aircraft to be photographed in, nice and dynamic and hard to take a bad picture of. I like how the bank angle combined with the wing dihedral and the smoke gives a really good impression of travelling through the frame. The propellor is nice and blurred as well, while the rest of the aircraft is quite sharp, something I have been having issues getting right.

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