Tuesday, April 06, 2010


Listening to: Bruce Springsteen - Darkness On The Edge Of Town.

Something I saw on line (a couple of things actually) today caused the above utterance.

Firstly, Stuff, I love you but (well, that's not really true, I just prefer your feedback sections and bloggers to the Herald, plus you are giving me a great education in how to sensationalise the mundane and spin it accordingly), but would it kill you to do some fact checking?

Noted after checking out this story with pictures of the Wanaka Airshow last weekend. Incidentally, if you think I take great pictures of planes, check some of these out. Admittedly I don't have the equipment, experience or skill to get images of this quality, but nonetheless I look at them and think "Why can't I get shots like that?", which is a bit silly and frustrating, but there you go (actually on consideration I have produced similar and arguably better shots of two of the subjects. Hmmph).

Anyway, two of the captions are embarrassingly wrong (earlier this afternoon it was three, but they have since corrected one). One is sort of an understandable noob error, but the other is laughably factually incorrect if you know what you are looking at.

So that was one of the FFS's.

The other was a follow up to this story about Erykah Badu filming a nude music video in Dealey Plaza in Dallas, which given the significance of the location hasn't been without some discussion.

Someone has complained and a charge of indecent exposure has been duly filed. Seriously. I guess no-one was thinking of the children on that one. It isn't stated whether or not the complainant was present to see the filming, or just the video that resulted.

Again, FFS. Honestly, I am neither here nor there on her music, or up with any related play, but jeeze, from where I sit there are more important things to get all het up about.

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missrabbitty said...

my stepmother's new car's licence plate is FFS...i like it...she doesn't.