Thursday, April 15, 2010

Random pics 4-9

Apologies for the gap in posts, I have been faffing around trying to figure out how to upload videos to blogger, which is nowhere near as simple as it appears (although I am apparently not alone, since by the looks blogger doesn't let you upload videos directly anymore. Google owns Blogger and YouTube, and apparently they shut down Google Video which was hosting blogger videos in favour of steering people to YouTube. That is the story I have gathered so far, I could be completely wrong. Enlightenment on a postcard please).

In the meantime, here are some random pics from the vaults, linked together solely because I liked the way they turned out

Self portrait using the CCTV on the airport bus (I am on the bottom right), November 2009.
Morning sun breaking over the hills by my work, November 2009
One of the neighbours cats scowling at me across the backyard, September 2009
Sunset looking across the pond at Avalon Park, October 2009.
High altitude rain catching the last of the sunlight, November 2009
Abandoned farmhouse in Manawatu, September 2009.


missrabbitty said...

did you check it was ok with all your subjects before you published their images?

Off-Black said...

You mean the guy on the bus? Or the cat?

Maureen said...

I love the sunset on the pond picture!

yeah, uploading videos... kind of annoying. i was disappointed when they stopped allowing uploads on google video, but you can upload directly to blogger if you go to settings and select Old Editor. After you post your video, you can change it back to the Updated Editor.

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missrabbitty said...