Sunday, June 22, 2008

Root Beer baptism

Listening to: A variety of General Electric era Shihad singles and B-sides

Courtesy of a an international flavoured mid winter xmas lunch at work the other day, I got to try Root Beer for the first time. Having heard about it for so long in various elements of popular culture, I was excited to finally get to savour some. Imagine my surprise then, when upon opening the can, all I could smell was this stuff:

I found it a bit baffling.

Verdict around the table was that it must be an acquired taste (this including the opinion of a couple of Scots who drink Iron Bru and eat haggis). Sadly I couldn't acquire it. I really wanted to.

Smell aside, the taste wasn't bad, although getting to the taste involved clamping the nose shut, which tends to reduce the convenience of the process.

Never mind. You root beer drinkers probably have the same issues about this:


kiwilauren said...

HAH! You're so right. I love Root Beer, but I DESPISE Vegemite and Marmite with a fiery burning passion. Must be a cultural thing?

Janet said...

Morgan likes both Marmite and Root Beer. Must be his Kiwi/Canadian ancestry.