Saturday, June 14, 2008


Listening to: Prodigy-Their Law

Before I get into this post, I'll reveal the locations of the roadtrippin.

In order of appearance:
Pauatahanui wetlands, Grays Road at Pauatahanui, Archway Books Pukerua Bay, the chocolate factory at Raumati, Coastlands mall at Paraparaumu, the 'you have been watching' board at RNZAF Ohakea, the Centennial Memorial halfway between Ohakea and Palmy, The Square in Palmerston North, wind turbines at Ashurst, the Manawatu Gorge, the Harvard slide at Paihiatua, the Tui Brewery building in Maingatanoka, the kiwi in Eketahuna, and the war memorial in Featherston.

Notkate wins as she was the only person to identify more than one successfully. Honourable mention to Lauren for getting one right even though she doesn't even live in this country, and to Andrew, even though the location he named actually had a visible nameplate in the picture. No-one else gets a mention as no-one else bothered to enter.

Prize is yet to be decided, but may be chocolaty.


In the meantime, on Thursday night the northerly caused some static cloud to form out west, as air got bounced up to high altitude by hitting land like the sonds or the lower North Island and condensed. Although it was constantly being blown away, it was also constantly being replenished from below, hence cloud stayed in the same place for a while.

With the moon above the cloud, only the edge of it was illuminated. The effect was quite striking:
City lights illuminated the lower level cloud.
As the moon set, it revealed itself from its cloudy cloak. I tried to get pictures of both the moon and the cloudbow, but the difference in luminosity was just too big and I couldn't make it work.
Still a handy exercise for my new tripod. Pictures like this would be impossible without it. Not perfect yet, I need to learn more about playing with apetures and other technical stuff, but motivating nonetheless.


R said...

Nice Moon!

Dan said...

Great shots. I would've got 7 of the roadtrip photos but i didn't. Oh well. no chocolate for me.