Thursday, May 22, 2008

Tweaks and a request

Listening to: A comp I made for my 30th. Right now its 'Back in black' by AC/DC. Keyboards really need a little lightning flash key.

Right then I have made some tweaks, probably the most noticable of which is the addition to the title board. From this point on (at least when I remember ), each update will be accompanied by a new line of quote in the title board. I just got bored of seeing the same words up there all the time. The quotes will essentially be from random sources, some funny, some wise, some arcane, some wierd, some morbid, some incomprehensible.

Also added are a number of new and not so new bloglings, and a number of older non-functional links have been removed.

And now a request.

Calling all readers!
In the fine tradition of (i.e. completely ripping off) Morgues birthday quotes, I have a request of you. This blog needs a soundtrack.

So what I ask of you dear regular readers, is to think of a song that is best associated with reading this blog (I don't think I said anywhere that this would be an easy request. Maybe I should state it as a challenge....), and relate your choice to me via the magic of comments.

Go forth and ponder.


morgue said...

Hmmm. My instant response is something by Pearl Jam, but I think that's *you* and not *the blog*. Will sleep on it...

Dan said...

Funny that, my first thought was "black" by Pearl Jam, but that's also just a word relation thing. Only been reading this for a week sorry sam, so I can't give you an authoritative answer.

kiwilauren said...

"Weather With You" by Crowded House. Just because it reminds me of you. :o)

Not Kate said...

I am still thinking. It is a deep and ponderous request.