Sunday, May 25, 2008

Book Fair haul

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Not a bad haul from the Wainui bookfair this year. Non-fiction on the right.

Picked up much pulpy thrillers of the kind of fiction I like to read, by a couple of authors I like to read. The saucer books sound like rubbish from the blurb, but will probably be fun anyway.
The 6 Days book at top left is by a guy I have come to like, Brendan Dubois. He is a good 'what if' style of imagineer (the two previous works of his I have read have dealt with a post cuban missile crisis america where the crisis developed into a war, and also america after a yugoslav style civil war, complete with UN peacekeepers and ethnic cleansing). All thrillers of some description, although I tend to be much more jaded reading them these days.
Straddling the fiction/non fiction line somewhat is a novel about alien contact written by a guy who used to work in the UK ministry of defence, investigating UFO reports. Prognosis pulp, but maybe some interesting ideas therein. Also on the line is an apparently rationally researched book called 'Alien Liaison' attempting to find out if alien contact has actually happened or not. Also some intrigue to be found within I expect.
Proper non-fiction was thin on the ground if you didn't like books about sport, of which there were three tables. Non-fiction was also haphazardly scattered around the fiction areas.
Interesting finds: A history of the internet, a russian-perspective book from 1970 something about the space race, a fully intriguing investigation into the possibility of antigravity technology being developed, which I have previously read and found rational, a couple of good issues of National Geographic, a photo essay book about Auckland from the mid eighties, a complete bound collection of 'The Falklands War' magazine series from the early eighties (articles therein vary radically in quality, but overall not a bad history) which I had previously but lost, and a book about planes which was probably the biggest score of the day in terms of price ($2 vs $30+ when I have seen it in secondhand bookshops).
And an observers book of ships. For no other reason than I wanted to know what a Kort Nozzle was.

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Janet said...

Glad you found your Stephen Coonts. I didn't see any so I'm glad you found it. That book fair was a lot better than I expected - it's the one I spent the most money at this month (could say year, but there's still the DCM and Kapiti Book Fairs to go...)