Thursday, May 15, 2008

I am published!

Listening to: She Loves You-The Twilight Singers. Indie soul rock covers of love songs by female artists. The version of Hyperballad by Bjork on this album is exquisite.

Finally clapped my eyes on my magazine article, two months after it was published in the UK. The article subject is at the top of the photos if you're wondering.

5 pages of glory.


Hard to describe how this feels, but wierd elation comes close. After having read magazines like this for several years its a very strange sensation seeing my work and words in the same expansive glossy context. Even though I wrote it, I have still read through it several times. And haven't yet cringed. And my photos look good.

Strange but kinda cool.

Well happy.


stretch said...

Well done! I am looking forward to having a look at the article and pretty pictures.

Ooh, and I'd love to have a listen to that album as well :)

Janet said...

Congratulations - very cool.

kiwilauren said...

That's so awesome! Congrats!