Saturday, July 21, 2007

No more lonely nights

I have worked my last twilight shift at SP.


Feel somewhat liberated.

Appropriately for my final shift fling, I finished at about 2am this morning. Wouldn't be shift if I didn't stay 'til some mind bending hour of the morning.

I think my workplace has sensed my imminent departure and isn't happy about it. Here is my left thumb after Thursday nights adventures:

I bashed it in three different places on three different things. What are the odds?

Matt if you're reading this and you really think it's worth your while I'll write up the incident forms on Monday. They are the result of clumsiness rather than DO issues!


BarWench said...

Ha! Hilarious - first thing my darling husband said was he'd better write an incident report - and then we went down further to your comment...

however he also said he'd let this one slide...

Homeperm said...

new jobs are pretty exciting! good luck for your first day