Monday, April 16, 2012

Terrace Tunnelling

The weekend before last the Terrace Tunnel was opened up for a public charity walk-through to mark the end of its refurbishment. It was cool. How many other times are you going to get the opportunity to stroll down the middle of one of the busiest roads in the country?

I was going to dead-ant/spreadeagle like a lot of others, but I don’t think Sophie would have approved.
We kept seeing people taking pictures with specific panels, and couldn't figure out why until we realised they were looking for the number of their age, or in our case, birth year :)
The panel markings look a bit retro 70s/80s TV sci-fi. I half expected the panels to slide open and some robot or whirring hovering thing to fly out.
Impossible-at-any-other-time family portrait:
If you ever get the chance to do this kind of thing I strongly recommend it. It’s also one of these things that as the girls get old enough to remember things, we want to give them cool experiences to remember.

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