Thursday, October 27, 2011

Ads not like they used to be

I've been revisiting the world famous in NZ mid 80's Hilux ads after randomly discovering them on youtube.

This one was apparently banned, although I clearly remember seeing it screen at around the time it would have come out.

I like how Scotty's tunnel 'shortcut' getting from Kent Terrace to Thorndon via the Mt Vic Bus Tunnel is in completely the opposite direction they need to go :)

Bringing the fine dynasty of Hilux ads up to date is the brand new 2011 version:

While it is light years ahead in concept and execution, I think I prefer the 80's ones in that they make me want to buy the truck more. And just how is that chimp managing to use an airbrush in the slipstream like that?

I know. Rambo'd up pig driving a tooled up motorcycle with a talking chimp in the sidecar, and it is the airbrushing I call out for being unconvincing...


missrabbitty said...

here's my two cents worth...firstly the modern ad is awful. no redeeming features in my opinion.
secondly...what was it that caused that ad to be banned?...that terrible silver suit? it was the height of fashion in the 80s.

Off-Black said...

It wasn't that one, it was the one driving around Wellington that people think was banned, maybe for the dangerous driving in it. I don't know if it actually was banned though.