Monday, March 21, 2011

Catching the Moon III, Super edition

Listening to: Recollection - Concrete Blonde (1996)

Installments I and II here and here respectively.

After weather messed up the last couple, I finally got a chance to catch the Full Moon last night. Fortunately it coincided with the Supermoon (link explaining why it is super and also debunking its suggested earthquake causing ability here ). To be honest though, any increase in apparent size or brightness wasn't too obvious from here.

I even contrived to catch the moonrise over the Rimutaka ranges as the day ended. As mostly usual, click to embiggen:

Nearly Full Moon, 19 March 2011. Interesting to note when the shot is enlarged you can see lunar mountains and craters roughing up the horizon around its edges. Also just noted the camera was somewhat tilted when I took this, so the orientation is screwed up.
Full Moon, 20 March 2011, correctly oriented (albeit upside down if you are from the northern hemisphere...).

Will try again next month, I can probably do better at this with practice.

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Maureen said...

Cool! I especially like the scenery in the first picture. Matt and I were watching the full moon over the weekend. Cool to see it from another angle.