Friday, September 24, 2010

Two years ago

On a blustery spring night just like tonight our wee girl was born. And we were about to get a big early lesson in some of the bits of parenting they don't mention in the brochures.

I wrote a quick appraisal then after a long day, posted here. Fi's account here of our first few days as parents is worth revisiting too. It was a hell if a ride, but we were grateful all the same when we finally got her home three weeks later. Others have had to deal with worse.

So two years on, she is now a proper little girl, her last routine check up with the surgeon ended with a "see you in a couple of years unless something comes up", and her last routine check up with her paedeatrician ended with "we don't need to see you again unless there is something wrong". She still has issues swallowing some foods, which will improve as she gets older, but other than that she is perfect in every way. In my opinion at least.

I could do the 'letter to my kid' thing but that isn't really my style, so I will just say "Happy Birthday my pretty little girl!" for when she is old enough to read this...and hopefully not be mortified by her father's public ramblings :)

Pics by Fi
Pic by me

Pics by Lauren


Anonymous said...

A proper little gorgeous girl:)

Maureen said...

a picture is worth a thousand words. i'm sure she'll have a great birthday!

Off-Black said...

Thanks you both :)