Saturday, September 18, 2010

Too soon?

The Christchurch earthquake was two weeks ago, but this conspiracy parody blog emerged only a few days after the event, and is just too barkingly mint genius not to link to. Even if I am not sure if I should link to it....knowing nothing as I do about it's creators and intent and not intending any disrespect to the good city and people of the 03*.

Some of the main elements of the conspiracy**:

-The Mayor of Christchurch (who by the way is both a clone and not actually human) engineered the earthquake after investing heavily in the chimney industry. Also paving the way for a takeover by reptilian overlords on the side.
-The Prime Minister of New Zealand is in fact a hologram (you never see his legs!).
-The New Zealand Army has no helicopters (this one is actually true).
-A secret muffin tithing programme is in operation.
-The Feelers are involved as well (summed up nicely by this diagram), as other well known local celebs.

*In the interests of fairness I just want to say I have been very impressed the the real mayor's response and leadership, and the relief and recovery operation in general. From what I have seen I think a good job is being done down there, even if I am a little dubious about some of the potential implications and possibilities for abuse of the emergency recovery bill passed into law during the week.

** Apologies to any non NZ readers to whom many of the references to people and other things might make no sense whatsoever.


missrabbitty said...

how much of 'sir' bob's performance has been leadership and how much has been gamesshowmanship?...

Off-Black said...

If the job gets done in a timely and pragmatic fashion, I don't really care. I don't get the impression he is showboating though. He is just more used to being in front of a camera than public officials usually are.