Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Felt it

I may have missed the big Christchurch earthquake, but I definitely felt this one (link) in my office a couple of hours ago. Interesting to observe that while geonet lists the time of occurence as 5:14 pm, I felt it at 5:17 as noted on my work PC* (NZ's official time/NZDT is calculated at my worksite, and synched to the site network, so us and geonet are running off the exact same time points). That's roughly three minutes for the shock to travel more than 600km (very rough guess, likely low) from the epicentre north of White Island to Lower Hutt. I was actually a little surprised to se how far away it was.

Adding to the "Kelson might be a bit base isolated" theory, while I noted it as a distinct shudder and wobble in Gracefield, Fi didn't notice a thing at home. It's a glacial rubble/silt and clay versus bedrock thing.

*Yes I note the time earthquakes occur for future reference. Something I do...:)


missrabbitty said...

i was attempting to get on a plane in rotovegas...theyboarded us then kicked us off...rude!...apparently it was christchurch's fault (there's the link)

missrabbitty said...

and on a second note...i always note the time i feel something then check it out on's what one does...