Thursday, August 12, 2010


This link got a wow from me when I found it a few days ago. This guy has taken various Soviet Second World War photographs from eastern front city locations (Moscow, Leningrad/St Petersburg, Berlin, Vienna, Prague etc), figured out the exact places they were taken, then blended them with freshly shot images from the same perspectives:

Linky Page 1,

Page 2

The page text is mostly in Russian (I think), but the images speak for themselves. I have seen many ‘then and now’ comparison photographs before, but few as skillfully realised as these (exactly reproducing the perspective and angles of an existing photograph is trickier than it first appears). Very impressive and one of the best removals of abstraction from history I have seen.

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missrabbitty said...

holy shit...amazing shots. i've visited dachau and i felt something. we have no idea about what happened there and what the people went through. how can we begin to imagine except via powerful images and visiting what is left. he highlights for me that things have been 'fixed up'. i think there is a place for things to be left the same so we can follow the 'lest we forget' adage. at dachau there are still some original features but some things have had to be recreated cos they were destroyed. i don't think it's dwelling in the past, it's learning from our opened up a can of something with those images...well done!