Sunday, August 01, 2010


So last night I went to see this band (linky), perform this album (linky).

'Twas excellent.

Couple of thoughts:

-Lead singer performing a guitar solo/instrumental while standing on the shoulders of audience members is one of the the more epic rock and roll moments I have seen.

-Knowing the exact setlist beforehand is kind of a novelty, especially when it includes songs you love but have never heard live before.

-I like it when the bass ripples my clothing and rattles my insides.

-Attending gigs on my own has both advantages and drawbacks. One of the advantages of only having my own space and self to protect I discovered was a complete lack of inhibition towards shouldering out munters who thought they had more right to my position than I did (after they left the bar only after their favourite song started playing).

-I think I have a secret sign on my back somewhere that says "Six foot plus tall guy please stand in front of me as soon as the gig starts so I can look at the back of your head instead of the view I was enjoying of the stage". Seems to happen every time.

-Having the soundguy play a slighty obscure album over the PA between the support and main acts, and not only recognising it, but having it in your collection is oddly validating.

-It is nice to see a band perform a now fifteen year old album with the same energy they would have put into it when it was brand new.

-And of course I bought a T-shirt, black, like all good rock and roll T-Shirts should be.


-Going back on Thursday for round two, when they will be playing this album (linky) in its entirety.

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