Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Not quite navy seals

More like Marines maybe. But smellier. Seals look cute and cuddly (but aren't), and smell bad (kinda like rubber mixed with fish). Fun to watch though. A former biology tutor of mine was completely dismissive of seals being charismatic, the cubs in particular. He said the cubs were all cute and cuddly until one decided your tent was a nice place to sleep (this was on an isolated subantarctic island) and 1: you found out how smelly they were, and 2: Mum seal came looking for her baby...

Fi, Kirsten, Charlotte and me exploited the fine weather on Sunday to take a late afternoon stroll to the fur seal colony at Sinclair Head on the south coast facing Cook Strait, passing Owhiro Bay and Red Rocks along the way.
Freed of her mountain buggy restraints, Charlotte displayed a tendency for finding her own path.
And had to be held back from trying to pat a seal
Some other happy snaps

One of Wellington's faults on display for all to see ( I think, but I can't find a detailed enough map to be sure):
There is probably a childrens book idea somewhere in this pic, alhough I'm not sure how you would work 'shag' into it (the one that isn't a seagull).

Its called 'Red Rocks' for a reason (either blood from Maui's fish hook, or iron oxide depending on how romantic you are).

Looking across the harbour entrance to Pencarrow at sunset.

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