Thursday, July 15, 2010

More Seals

Because I haven't got anything else ready to post tonight, here are some more seals. These shots aren't from the weekend, these are from a couple of years ago (Sep 2008) when I took my bike out the colony. It was a nice sunny day, and the seals and scenery made interesting subjects (and were occasionally interested in me). I put some of these on facebook at the time, but never got around to putting them up here until now. All shot with a long lens to make sure I didn't invade their space in case you were wondering (freaked out seals aren't a good thing to be around. They can move really quickly on land when they want to, and have more than adequate teeth).

Another angle on some of the exposed faulting, and when-not-if source of the future 'big one'.
Near the colony there used to be a quarry. I like how the rock layers are all exposed like in a geology textbook.
And if my bike ever completely fails, you can be sure that after I strip all the useful parts off this is what I will do with it. Wedge it on a traffic island for all to see....
I have no idea what was going on with this. I was just driving past and it was there.

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Maureen said...

I love the seals. Just chillin. So cute!

And of course I like the rocks too.