Thursday, January 21, 2010

More roadtripping imagery madness

Listening to: The Pretenders - The Singles

I feel a bit lazy posting pics instead of lots of text (text requires more thinking), but I thought some more images from last weeks road trip were worth sharing. All taken between 09 and 16 January 2010.

Thunderstorm heading out over the pacific at sunset after dousing our campsite at Hot Water Beach.
And the troubled sky it left behind
Mercury Islands from Ha Hei.
Sunset at Blue Lake / Tikitapu #1.
Sunset at Blue Lake / Tikitapu #2 a few days later.
Offshore island from Hot Water Beach at dusk.
Carved wooden panels at the MacDonald's in Rotorua. Classier than you average McDecor.

Hot Water Beach Madness at low tide as dozens converge with shovels and the same idea.
The state highway across the Coromandel range.
And our rooster tail of dust travelling on it.
View from the tent at Blue Lake campsite
View from the tent at Hot Water Beach campsite.
The resident dogs at the Hot Water Beach Camp, George (Black Lab) and Alise (whom we quickly started referring to as 'Fur Alise').

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