Saturday, January 23, 2010


I happened to see 'Reign over me' (link) on TV tonight. Its not terrible and not great (although I did enjoy seeing Adam Sandler playing against type), and was kind of on as background while I read a new book I bought today*. I had seen the title in the promo and wondered if it had any link to the Who song 'Love Reign O'er Me', the cover of which was a highlight of the Pearl Jam Concert back in November.
Not having heard the Who version, I liked hearing it about halfway through on the soundtrack. It reminded me how good hearing it live sounded. It's rare that I like both original and cover versions of a song (I need to pick these two up sometime). Then the Pearl Jam version appeared at the end of the movie and over the credits and my night was complete.
I like it when things work out like this.

*'Arsenals of Folly', a history of the politics and motivations of the Cold War Nuclear Arms race. Yup, I read books like that. For fun even.

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Not Kate said...

That's not a bad movie eh - me and Reidun flicked onto it during the Idol ads and both vageuly remembered seeing it. Not the kind of movie you remember the name of, but watchable.

That must be the one song they did that I didn't recognise at the concert.