Monday, April 20, 2009

More Planes

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Airshows allow me to indulge in two interests: Planes and Photography.

Shots from the Omaka (Blenheim) Classic Fighters Airshow last weekend. Click on a shot to biggify.

Mustang at sunset
Proving its not just the punters who like to take the pictures, the pilot of the Corsair stopped to take pictures of the crowd as he taxied in after his display (the Corsair is the bent wing one a few pics down).
The Spitfire gets three pictures because its a Spitfire. If you equated classic aircraft status to celebrity, a Spitfire would be like David Beckham and Barack Obama combined. A Spitfire will gather crowds and gather attention wherever it goes, simply because its a Spitfire. Concorde had the same effect. This particular one has only been flying after restoration for a month or so, and made its debut displays at this airshow. Out of around 22,000 built, about 200 remain, with about 60 of those flyable worldwide. Ish.

If you have ever heard the term 'Flying Tigers', this is where it came from. This P-40 is in Nationalist Chinese markings, representing those flown by American volunteers against the Japanese in China before the US entered World War Two. In addition to the giant teeth on the nose, there is a tiger painted under the cockpit. You learn something every day!
Omaka's crowdline has a sharp corner, which means if you find the right spot you can get nice near head on shots. Quite pleased with this shot, given the aircraft was travelling quite quickly. Just because it's not a jet it doesn't mean it's slow.
As close as they look...

Not as close as they look. Telephoto lenses are good for compressing relative distance

Yes, if you are wondering, this is a Fokker Triplane. The one behind it is not a Sopwith Camel though. 'Tis a Nieuport Bebe.
No passengers are aboard, although I wouldn't have minded paying to do so. Fun to see an airliner being thrown around like this.

And that's the airshow season for another year. 'Twas a good one.


Anonymous said...

I actually recognize the Spitfire! I'm learning! Haha.

That's really cool you live in New Zealand. From what I've seen of it (in pictures), it looks like a really beautiful place.

R said...

Love the sunset one

2treesandahorse said...

dude the mustang rocks.

But spitfires. humm nothing like the sound of that engine as it goes on by. There has been one just restored here in hampshire and converted from a one seater to a two and it sold in auction for 1 million, if my memory of the news article serves me right.

2treesandahorse said...

actually here is the link.

stretch said...

I like the telephoto shot of the two helicopters. Looks like they are facing up for fisticuffs :)

Not Kate said...

I like the sunset one too. Pretty.

Off-Black said...

thanks all as usual! :)

Haha Maureen thats awesome! Its taken my wife nearly ten years to start to tell what some of the planes are by sight. She does a little dance when she gets it right, its very cute!