Monday, April 27, 2009

Crossing Cook Strait

I'm not quite sure when this became a photo blog. I'll post some purely written content soon.

The Omaka airshow I mentioned below is technically the closest major show to where I live. However, given that it is in Blenheim, I have to cross Cook Strait to get to it, which instills a certain element of close but far.

We flew down on Good Friday, and gave Charlotte her first aircraft ride, which she took very well.
Not your average view of the Wellington Airport runway.
On the cross strait flight the right hand seat up front is usually available for passengers if you ask nicely, as I did. Shades for extra Top Gun cool.
Mid strait, with the Interisland line ferry Arahura in the forground, with one of the Bluebridge lines vessels entering Tory Channel. Malborough sounds in the background.
Boat, Marlborough sounds
The approach to the airstrip at Koromiko (Picton) is always interesting. Thats State Highway 1 at centre right, the north-south railway line in the middle, and the airstrip at centre left.
Self portrait of sorts while landing at Koromiko
We caught the ferry home on Sunday, and gave Charlotte her first boat trip, which she took with equal nonchalance as the plane. Fi is seen here modelling my sunglasses, as she left hers at home...Tory Channel heads, with Cook Strait beyond, as calm as I have ever seen it.
Mid strait. Only a mother could love it bulk carrier with Kaikoura mountain range beyond.
Bluebridge Santa Regina with bits of South Island beyond.
North Island beaching point for the Cook Strait power cable, with the new Makara windfarm on the hills behind
Interislander Aratere off Karori rock, with the Karori rip generating the only noticeable swell of the crossing.

The old (top, 1859)and newish (bottom, 1906) lighthouses at Pencarrow marking the Wellington Harbour entrance.


Not Kate said...

A picture's worth a thousand words - so you've been doing mini thesises here :)

I did not know you could sit up the front like that. You're a pro.

Anonymous said...

Cool pics, and your daughter is adorable!

Off-Black said...

Thank you both!