Saturday, September 27, 2008

Small Mercies

Listening to: Ladyhawke-Ladyhawke. And the southerly rain pounding the house. Glad I got the washing in.

The album version of Ladyhawke's 'Back of the Van' is the same mix as the radio single that has been out for a while thank god. Thank heaven for small mercies. I hate it when great singles get remixed or rerecorded for an album release, and changed from the version that you fell in love with to something that isn't quite the same, and not better.

Slim (link) is a great example of this. They released two cracking singles, 'Rise up' and 'Bullet in my hand' back in 1999, but when those two songs were redone for the debut album in 2000 the production sucked the life out of them and they were shadows of what they had been. The album was kinda disappointing compared to the singles.

I'm in a mood for small mercies at the moment.

Charlotte hasn't changed her posture, but no news is good news as far as she is concerned at the moment. Her condition is stable and her indications are good. Fi has written from her hospital bed a good story so far, which I posted on her behalf here. The hardest thing at the moment is not being able to pick her up and hold her. I can hold her hand (which by the way has less mass than any one of my fingers or thumbs) but that is about it.

We will be able to do more in a few days, but now it is waiting, waiting, waiting.


Dan said...

We can barely imagine how hard this time must be for you. Like I said before, if you need anything, like a big lasagne to put in the freezer, just let us know.

Thoughts and prayers.


2treesandahorse said...

Thinking of you guys from here.

L and L

kiwilauren said...

Love from Canada. Let me know if I can help.