Thursday, September 18, 2008


Listening to: U2-Zooropa. They may have peaked artistically with Achtung Baby, but they were certainly near the plateau with this release. Under rated.

I have been too busy for almost everything this week. Playing for four indoor netball teams will do that to you.

That said, I have found the edge of this particular envelope after three weeks of trying it, and am withdrawing. I am cutting back to to only playing for two teams full time, and occasionally filling in for the others.

Costing too much money and time, and Fi will be able to play again soon, by which time our disposable income will be reduced somewhat.

You'd think with three weeks until touchdown I'd be blogging more about that. You'd think that, but meh. I am over waiting, probably not as much as Fi, but now I just want to get on with it. I'd like to think I am under no illusions about the weeks, months, and years to come, but really who am I kidding? Neither of us has done anything quite like this before. I'm looking forward to the good bits, and intimidated by the bad ones.

Hopefully more of the former than the latter.

And as for names... not even close to a decision yet. Healthy will be an acceptable starter.

In other news I briefly checked out Southern Cross Music quiz on the way to netball tonight, and it seems promising, if not necessarily ripe for the plunder. Worthy of further investigation certainly.


kiwilauren said...

My goodness man, 4 netball teams? Good call on cutting back. That seems like a crazy time commitment (although fun).

I can't believe how quickly Fi's due date is approaching.... SO exciting though! And I believe you on the intimidation thing... although I know you guys will be AMAZING parents - you were the perfect hosts "parents" when I was in NZ, and I'm sure you'll settle into your new roles well.

Love you and miss you guys!

PS - What was the name of the pub where we went to quiz for so many weeks until it started turning into a Fear Factor-esque night of disgusting challenges? I will never forget the time I tried to eat fries (chips?) that had been soaked in rancid vinegar for 24 hours.... plus a bunch of crackers or something? I hardly remember what it was. Maybe Weetbix. In any case, it was disgusting. And then the guy behind me actually threw up. UGH.

I'm rambling. Arohanui! :oD

Dan said...

It's all good. Even the bad stuff. Believe it or not. You'll see.

Good Luck.