Monday, September 22, 2008

Ease down

Or you'll blow the transaxle....

I tried to participate in the carfree day today (link), but was stymied by a flat tyre on my
bi-siccle, which I only discovered as I was wheeling it out to ride to work.

Had a very enjoyable night watching Sport and drinking beer with an old friend on Saturday. One of those nice occasions that remind you what friendship is all about.

Netball slowdown is occurring. Not playing at all tomorrow night. In addition to the material and time costs, I was also becoming concerned about incurring an injury through overstress. No symptoms as such, but merely hints and niggles suggesting woe ahead. These problems have a way of solving themselves. Plus now there is room and budget for a revival of the dynasty team.

I'm not as young as I used to be, and realise now that after so long in the game I now easily fall into the 'veteran' category.

My first game was early 1996, I played centre, got puffed out very quickly, put up two shots and missed. I don't remember when I started specialising as a shooter, although I played an entire season in D later that year.

As a veteran, I suppose now I can indulge in some frank self examination of my game:

Shooting. Obviously. I have tried to do definitive counts to assess an accuracy percentage, but can never remember in the heat of the game. I think I would be somewhere in the 80% range within three feet of the hoop on a good day. Average from outside falls to 50% or so I would guess. After missing a game winner about five years ago I have since tried to focus on clutch shooting reasonably successfully.
Driving for space. The biggest lesson I learned from Superleague, always drive to the ball. I use this a lot outside the circle.
Speed. Coupled with driving, I can accelerate from a standing start fairly quickly. Apparently. This is something I used to be aware of, but thought I was slowing down as I got older. However if recent comments from new team mates are anything to go by, I am still as fast as ever in the half court, and able to cover a lot of ground quickly. Several players have commented on my speed and movement around the half court.
Catching. I think I have a safe pair of hands. I don't drop the ball too often, or replay it.
Footwork. I seldom get called for stepping.
Passing. When I play properly I can deliver reliable and catchable passes, expanding recently to include peripheral vision no look passes. I have consciously tried to improve my passing in recent times.
Net play. If it is catchable off the net I can catch it. Usually.
Clock watching. I usually know when time is about to be up.
Fearlessness. I take the hit if required, and will happily milk other players for contacts. I don't mind getting hit if they get called for it.

Composure. I get frustrated with other players or umpires too easily. Never a good thing.
Full court speed. Beyond the half court I run out of pace and stamina.
Jumping. I don't jump high or often enough, meaning I lose ball I really should be taking. I remember jumping more when I was younger.
Rebounding. Just not very good at it. Never seem to be quite in the right position.
Defensive play. I don't read passes well enough for intercepts, and my lean isn't long enough. I don't defend the mid court very well, and have to rely on blocking in the circle. I wouldn't mind some proper defensive coaching.
Passing. I throw wild unreachable passes too often, or soft easy ones that get picked off, or silly no looks.
Slowness. I seldom take and pass the ball at a run in the mid court, meaning play often slows as a result. I can take too long to pass the ball, and put people out of position.
Waiting. I get reluctant to abandon a good position in the circle, and wait for the pass rather than going to it. I need to come out more often. Also tend to be caught standing still at times.

Still plenty to work on then.

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Not Kate said...

I would agree with your net work. The old off-the-net pass is always a workable option with you in the circle :) One of my favourite things to exploit to our favour.

If I did a similar list for my basketball strengths and weaknesses.... there'd be a whole bunch of offensive weaknesses :) I quite dislike offence and creating shots and whatnot. Passing is fine. Shooting jump-shots is fine.... but that's it. Dribbling is dangerous.

The Ultimate summer team idea may be resurrected. Found a couple of girls in my department who might be keen...... and Jon and Justin...... So if you're still available, see if you can grab anyone else. I forget what night it is - will have to reread emails for ages ago. But it's cheap! $20 for whole season or something.