Monday, July 21, 2008

Playing with fire

Listening to: An Ep by Autozamm-Shade of Brown

The fireworks last night were a blast.

Geddit? As Basil Brush would say, BOOM BOOM!

Pun coincidental, but not unintended.

I think fireworks are a great way to celebrate midwinter, even if the actual solstice was a month ago.

Happy snaps of the Petone fireworks last night, having a good play with aperture and shutter settings, and cropping.

Still don't know what I am doing, but learning more all the time....

In other news, I started my new job today and enjoy it so far. I have my own desk and workstation, in an office with a window. I haven't had one of those before. I also have the opportunity (I think) to use my experience wisely, and create something professionally worthwhile and rewarding, even if I have gone to the dark side in terms of my trade.
I hope so. Watch this space.


Homeperm said...

i love that last photo. also hurrah for new job, and its associated window!

2treesandahorse said...

Dude I know I have said this before but your photo rock. actually masterful will be the word I use. Love the welly one's, may nick them for my computer to remind me of home.

Dan said...

nice shots. Its not easy to take good photos of fireworks; I've tried. Good to see.

kiwilauren said...

You're a goof.

2 cymbals and a snare drum fell off a cliff. BA DOOM CHING!!!!!

Ok, couldn't resist.