Wednesday, July 09, 2008


Listening to: Roachford-A permanent shade of blue.
Kind of a one hit wonder this guy released a couple of moderately successful singles in the mid nineties, then went the way of the obscure. Without fail the first track reminds me of a dawn drive to Palmy in late summer a few years ago, the sun rising over the Horwhenua plain, the roof down, and an empty road.

Right for those who are interested (and this can only possibly be the four of you who know what this is referring to), here is a Grumman Widgeon:
The wheels make the aircraft amphibious, meaning it can alight competently on land or water.

The wheels fold up into the adjacent recesses during flight if you're wondering.
And Tales of the Gold Monkey fans, if you're thinking this plane looks familiar, you are right. Jake Cutter flew a close cousin of this design, the Grumman Goose. The designs date from the 40's.
Other famous Grumman products include the F-14 from Top Gun, the Lunar Lander, and the chariot of the very rich and important, the Gulfstream (often referred to simply as the 'G') business jet.

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