Friday, January 11, 2008


I was going to write this post about people I know that I would like to see naked, but rather than begin an intimate relationship with Pandora, I thought it would be safer to put up some more recent photos instead.

Wellington City and the Oriental Bay fountain on a still summer morning. Cool reflections.

Christmas at our place was very crowded.....
Ominous looking cumulonimbus cloud about to dump hail all over Upper Hutt on Boxing Day.
Trees in the cloud above the Botanical Gardens
Airborne bubbles are very hard to photograph......
Quite unlike mirror balls.
Avenue from the soundshell to the duck pond, Botanical Gardens lit up for summer festival.
Flower Bed, with decorative portaloos in the background.
Abandoned house, Hokio Beach.
Sky reflected on wet sand, Hokio beach.
Track left by turning trail bike, Hokio Beach
New Years fireworks


2treesandahorse said...

dude nice photos, but I want to see that list.

Off-Black said...

Don't worry dude, you're not on it!