Saturday, December 08, 2007

Wallowing in goodness

Listening to: The radio

Been listening to the retroactive 30th birthday special on Radio Active all day. I love a good retrospective. It gives me an excuse to wallow in nostalgia, sing along to songs I hated when they were released, and remember fondly good times, and muse on the bad ones.

Covering a different year every hour, this has been going since last night. This morning they hit the 1990's, and I was reminiscing like a reminiscing thing. Despite being single for most of them, and having a couple of spectacularly downer periods, I really enjoyed the 90's, especially the late '93-early 96 period. There was a definite positive feel to the early 90's, maybe what the late 60's felt like. The Cold War was over, and things were going to change. Didn't last if course, but damn if it wasn't fun. I remember the mid 90's as being fun mainly (the fun memories drown out the bad ones), lots of new friends, lots of parties, lots to see and do. I remember going to four 21st parties on four consecutive weekends in 1995. 21 seemed so old then.

They were talking about the first time they heard 'Creep' by Radiohead, and I remembered the first time I heard it, on a classmates walkman in first year. We had no way of knowing then that it would become a classic anthem (love it or hate it), then it was just a kicking breakthrough single for a relatively unknown band. You can never go back, but sometimes its fun to imagine hearing something for the first time. Try it.

Coming up to 2000, they played the extended mix of 'Little Things' by Trinity Roots, and I remembered the first time I heard that, a snippet of outro on Channel Z while driving home from work (you know how it works, you hear a bit of a new song, like it, then wait ages for it to be played again, usually hearing a different bit. It can take several attempts to hear the complete song). That single was my coming home from work song for a while in 2001. I remember getting home to the flat on Kings Crescent and putting it on to begin the chilling process. I remember looking at the evening sunlight streaming through the window and across the floor, and listening to the vocal and thinking it was a good vibe.


I have been living on this hill for nearly a year now, and have yet to tire of the visuals. Tonights sunset was low key, but rewarded the patient.
I love that being summer, I can take pictures like this at 8:30 at 'night'.
About a week ago there was low cloud piling up on the ridge behind Porirua. The streetlight glow illuminated it, and from the other side of the ridge in Kelson it looked kinda cool.
I also love that being summer, Orion is now high in the sky. The second constellation after the Southern Cross I learned to recognise, I look forward to its return every summer.
Even if he is standing on his head.

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kiwilauren said...

Your photos are, once again, amazing!!!

Maybe Orion wouldn't be standing on his head if you kiwis weren't so darn backwards!!!! :op