Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Eve

Or Christmas Eve Eve as it was, for the annual flatties Christmas Dinner last night, now entering its sixth year.

Eschewing more formal settings, this year pizza was the fare on the beach at Days Bay on a fine summer evening, courtesy of the woodfired pizzeria across the road from the sand.
During the summer months, the beach is officially a liquor free zone, although a blind eye tends to be turned if everyone is behaving themselves.

These guys however were taking no chances, and exploited the technicality of the raft anchored 50 metres offshore being not actually on the beach. Beer and Champagne soon flowed, despite the drinks container (a plastic crate) nearly sinking as the raft was neared.

Note: This guy had been wearing a tank top earlier in the day, but not at the time I took the photo. Ouch. Some people just have to learn about sunscreen the hard way. Bet he's rueing it now.
I got some practice in for the airshow season by shooting the ever present seagulls.
Who proved that they can have as much trouble finding parking spaces as we do.
Christmas Eve itself looks ominous, as a storm gathered to the west at dusk, and the nor'wester picked up.
Ten minutes later it was raining.
Hopefully it will have sorted itself out by tomorrow.
Anyway, have a good one wherever you are.

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kiwilauren said...

Joyeux Noel! It was good to talk to you today. Hope you enjoy your company tonight - I'd stop by but I fear I wouldn't get there in time. That flight across the Pacific usually takes a few minutes.