Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Sophie can't fly...

she only wriggles about!

Been kind of crawling for the last few weeks now, and improving every day.

Apologies if you aren't one of the half dozen or so people in the world who get the above joke by the way :)


kiwilauren said...

Adorable pictures! Sophie is definitely cuter than the weka anyway! ;o)

ggrr said...

Awesome photos!! You're so clever (must be where she gets it from). I hope you take some neat pics of my kids thses hols!!

wildology said...

Oh soooo cute!!! What if we still crawled? Could be fun exercise.

Off-Black said...

Thanks all.

Lauren: I like to think so :)

Katie: Depends on how photogenic they are being :)

Wild: Playing with them on the floor and crawling alongside is definitely fun :)