Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas Day Cruise

Something I used to do when I first learned to drive was go for a cruise around the eastern bays of Wellington Harbour at the end of Christmas day. It was a nice way to wind down after a usually busy afternoon, and it was a nice vibe to see people still out and about doing the same.

Gradually though, Christmas got busier, and my little tradition fell by the wayside for a few years, not least because I a: started being allowed to drink at the family Christmas bash, and b: I married into a family that has Christmas dinners rather than the lunches that mine does.

This year though, we found ourselves with time on our hands at the end of the day, and everyone still awake, so the girls and I piled into the car and resurrected the cruise, starting with a lazy meal of chinese takeaways at Petone Beach.

The evening was warm, still, and perfect.

Charlotte on the sea wall at Petone:
Sunset from near the harbour entrance at Eastbourne:
Wellington Harbour from Eastbourne as the lights come on:
Including a big Christmas tree across the harbour entrance:
Days Bay wharf at dusk.


Ben Grizz said...

Hello From up here in UK. Heard you guys had some more land shakes down there? Hope you are ok.

Off-Black said...

Thanks Ben. Christchurch where all the damaging earthquakes have been happening is a few hundred kilometres south of where I am, although we feel the bigger ones up here too. In Wellington we have our own faults that generate our own earthquakes though; it is a certainty that what happened in Christchurch will happen here sooner or later. Earthquake drills, and latterly household natural disaster survival kits are a fact of life in NZ :)