Saturday, October 31, 2009

Tinkering, tampering, jiggering, pokering

Done a little bit of rearranging to the links, mainly sorting out the more frequently updated blogs from the others. I thought about arranging them into catergories like "People I do stuff with in real life", "Other People I have met", "People I've never actually met but I like how they write" and so on, but the thought of doing all that editing made my head hurt, so I just sorted it into frequent flyers and dabblers, as well as adding a couple of new finds.

Also added another modelling link or two, another astronomy link and another weather link. I recommend you have a look at each at least once to justify the mental energy I expended to put them there, even though I put them there primarily because I use this as my internet hub than because I thought my vast legions of readers might be interested in them.

I should update the recommended reading links as well, since it is at least a year since I listed my favourite posts. Suggestions welcome.

I should probably get a banner too. Anyone want to design a banner for me? Visual design is not one of my strongpoints.

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