Sunday, October 11, 2009

Led Zeppelin killed my car stereo

This post brought to you by the tree behind our Masterton motel unit, which appears to have been installed upside down:
So after probably thousands of hours of use, the factory installed CD player on our wagon died in the middle of our roadtrip yesterday. The final exertion that caused the expiry was, Led Zeppelin's 'Kashmir'. I guess the combined power of Plant, Page, Bonham and Jones was too much. Still it's a nice epitaph, and it did at least wait for the track to finish before rolling over.

The Kelson branch of the Hall family headed over the hill to Masterton for the weekend with a bunch of mates to celebrate a birthday. The idea of the weekend was to go Hot Air Ballooning, which determined the location. As it turned out, this became Not Air Ballooning due to the weather.

Heres a summary of what we got up to instead:

-Ordering stonegrills even though we were asked not to since we were eating late, the kitchen was short staffed, and the chef was required soon to be the house DJ.
-The above mentioned DJ Jazzy Chef, switching from 60's and 70's classic hits to 00's pop dance tracks in the space of four songs.
-Cougars sharpening their claws in anticipation of a night of pursuit and feasting.
-The Irish Bar / Nightclub where this took place
-The Poltergeese. Few hear their honking and survive
-If you leave your motel unit for a smoke, take your key, lest you be locked out at 4am and wake up most of the complex by knocking on various windows of your unit to try and wake up those inside
-The Wiry Rapper from the Wairarapa
-The Chuck Norris Booya
-The 'Sleep with James Bond and perish' rule
-Breakfast Pizza
-S: "I spy with my little eye something beginning with R "
F: "Inside or outside the car?"
S:"Outside the car"
F: "Radio!"
-The Silver Ferns would play better if they were made to learn each others names
-The Silver Ferns fastnet game would benefit from the advice of experienced indoor netball players.
-To complement the faster game, 5-day long games of netball should be introduced
-Netball is not Rocket Surgery. Nor is it Brain Science.
-Charlotte is continuing to investigate the duration of fall for items dropped from her high chair. Once she has reached a definitive answer she will address the mystery of how the dropped objects always return to her hands without her input
-Rambo can teach us valuable life lessons
-Overkilling something is better than underkilling it
-If you are going to get called for contact anyway, you might as well make it count

Also a source of amusement on the way over the hill was this flashing roadworks notice. Message one was a bit ho-hum:
Message two though was a bit WTF:
I'm not sure yet if this estimate is optimistic or pessimistic....

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