Sunday, July 05, 2009

Recent Imagery #5

Listening to: Third Eye Blind - Third Eye Blind. 1998 feels like a long time ago....

About the only recurring title on this blog, this is at least the 5th iteration. Make of it what you will.

Playing with perspective in Mt Victoria tunnel
Saw this line up while investigating a new photography location at the airport. I like that the aircraft are ordered sizewise bigger to smaller as they progress into the distance.
Low cloud and mist creeping across the hills in front of my house on a cold winter's day
Also in front of my house, high clouds on the horizon at sunset signalling a change in the weather in the next few hours
Hungry beanbag devours baby, NOM NOM NOM
Bucket Fountain on a sunny winter morning. I like how all the water droplets are catching the light.
The recently closed Griffins biscuit factory in Gracefield, awaiting demolition or redevelopment
Late afternoon sunlight piercing a hail shower in the hills

1 comment:

Not Kate said...

The Griffin's one is poignant. My dad and both his brothers worked stints there.

The Mt Vic one looks like the painting Pete did (which is going to be made into prints any time now).