Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Hot summer nights

Listening to: Led Zeppelin III, which I found at the Warehouse for $9.99. Bought mainly because it has 'Gallows Pole' on it. Score!

So when it is a hot humid windless moonlight night in Tauranga, and it feels like you're in Fiji rather than New Zealand, and its too hot and sweaty to sleep, what do you do when you are staying in a place like this?
Go down to the beach and take pictures in the moonlight of course
You're awake anyway, may as well explore new surroundings
Its amazing though what can be acheived when you leave your tripod at home and have to improvise. Trees and washed up tree trunks become your friends
The stillness and silence was absolute, and almost alien to this Wellingtonian. Very cool.


R said...

Fabulous fotos...

d3vo said...

Nice moon landscapes, your camera must have fabulous lenses to capture those silvery tones is such a wonderful fashion!