Monday, October 06, 2008

Serious but stable

Was Charlotte's official position description last week. She has improved a lot since then, although she is still quite dopey.

Especially after a feed yesterday:
However she is improving every day.

Which is good. This hospital thing is getting old. I have no idea how some parents can cope with this for months on end. I'm pragmatic about the whole thing; For me her outcome has never been in much doubt, we have known little different from her being where she is (aside from the 20 or so hours on day one, she has spent her whole life so far in the ICU), she is improving every day, and I know she will be coming home soon.

Still I am finding this very wearying, mentally and emotionally if not physically. I spent too much time in hospitals as a young child to relax in them.

It will be nice to have a cuddle without rearranging a bunch of wires first, and not have to go find a chair and bring it back, not to hear the incessant beeping of alarms and monitors (if not from your child, then from one of the other inmates), and nice not to see other babies come and go while yours is still there.

Still having seen some of the other patients I am grateful for what we have been spared.


I have other things to blog about, but for now will indulge in my penchant for crazy flying videos from youtube. Usual comment ignorance applies, and I wouldn't link them if they were fake. You can trust me to know how to tell the difference....

Firstly, courtesy of those wacky French:

And from somewhere high over England (caution, contains rude words):

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kiwilauren said...

I love that picture of Charlotte. She is just so precious!