Thursday, February 23, 2012


So I was lining up a post on how I've really been enjoying cycling to work and elsewhere so far this year, how hopping on the bike in the morning had now become a habit, how the hill feels like less and less of an obstacle, how I had to jump start my car since I hadn't driven it for so long, how I aced my annual company medical exam, how I'm really enjoying my sport at the moment and generally feeling fitter than I have in a while.

Turns out I've been apparently doing it wrong, in proper unintended consequences style. The extra cycling seems to have upset one of my hips, including a nausea-inducing-make-it-stop-now excruciating overnight bout of sudden acute pain a month ago, followed by another less ouch but more persistent episode of painful and limited movement that is going on right now. The hip in question has been slightly dodgy historically anyway, but never like this. After inconclusive visits to A+E over the weekend, my GP yesterday, and a slightly more conclusive visit my physio today I think a handle is being got on what has suddenly gone wrong, which is good, since right now I can't really run, jump, change direction suddenly or lunge without discomfort or occasionally just falling over when the too-much threshold is reached. I thought on Monday it was coming right, but after barely making it through a single quarter at netball that night the game was clearly up.

I've noticed what annoys me most about it apart from not knowing yet precisely what the cause is and thus how to fix it, or the discomfort, is the lack of body confidence that arises from suddenly not being able to move the way you are used to, and having to move with fragile care. I'm moving very carefully, but can't always avoid the rotation that hurts. It's annoying when you sometimes realise you are limping not because it actually hurts, but because you think it might. Then you walk normally for a bit and it is fine, then you forget and move the wrong way and then you are back to limping again.

So after pulling myself out of my netball last night, not biking all week, after today's consultation I'm officially grounded on medical advice, no sports, no cycling until it is sorted (not that I can actually do those things right now anyway). All that fitness disappearing until I can start again (best case/guess in a few weeks maybe). The Hospi ride I was planning to repeat in a few weeks has already been unfortunately postponed/canned by the organisers for this year, but Bike the Trail is still on next weekend, and I was really looking forward to doing Round the Bays this weekend too, even ironically picking up my work-team entry pack today. Maybe next year.

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